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Compressed air supply system components
Factory air compressed air supply system generally consists of an air compressor , air dryer , filters, cylinders , piping , valves and gas equipment.
1.piston oil-free air compressors
Piston oil-free air compressor from the drive system , compression system , cooling system , lubrication system, control system and safety protection system. Compressor and motor bolted on the base , stand on the foundation with anchor bolts . Working through the motor shaft directly connected to the crank drive , drive rod , the crosshead and the piston rod , the piston within the cylinder for reciprocating movement of the compressor to complete the suction, compression , discharge and other processes. The machine is a double-acting compressor , that the downward movement of the piston upward both air intake , compression and exhaust .
2.screw air compressors
Screw air compressor separator barrel by the screw head, motor , oil and gas , cooling systems, air conditioning systems , lubrication systems , safety valves and control systems and other components. Cabinets installed in a machine , self-contained, directly on a flat concrete floor without the need to use anchor bolts in the foundation. Screw head is one kind of transition back to the biaxial displacement compressor head. One pair of high-precision master ( male ) , Vice ( yin ) and parallel to the horizontal rotor mounted on the chassis interior , the main ( male ) rotor has five teeth , and vice ( yin ) rotor has six teeth . Main rotor diameter, vice small rotor diameter. Spiral tooth formation , both mutual engagement . Were located at both ends of the main and auxiliary rotor supported by bearings . Working through the motor coupling ( or belt ) directly with the main rotor , since the engagement with each other two rotors , the main rotor is directly driven by the rotor rotates along deputy . The shell of the compressor cooling fluid directly into the lower portion of the rotor engaging the nozzle portion and mixed with air to remove heat generated by compression , cooling effect . At the same time form a liquid film to prevent the gap between the rotor contact and direct metal to metal sealed rotor and casing between . The injected coolant may reduce the noise generated by the high-speed compression .
3, the working principle of the centrifugal compressor is a centrifugal gas compressor into the impeller , the impeller blades in the role along the side of the impeller rotating at a high speed , while the centrifugal force in the outlet flow to the impeller , the impeller and by diffuser effect , the pressure and kinetic energy are improved , the gas enters the diffuser , the further conversion of kinetic energy into pressure energy , and then the gas through the corners , under a reflux condenser flows into the impeller is further compressed , so that the process gas pressure is reached requirements needed
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