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Used in the energy-saving inverter compressor

1. Energy consumption analysis
Add, unloading control method makes the work pressure of compressed air in low pressure value and maximum working pressure, frequent switching between the pressure drop to the minimum, open the inlet valve, make the compressed air is rising to the maximum working pressure. In the process of pressurization, more heat is released into the air, resulting in loss of energy. At the same time, the compressed air above the maximum pressure will be supplied to the pneumatic components before entering the pneumatic component, which is also a dissipative function. When the pressure reaches a maximum when the air compressor through close the inlet valve motor in the idle state, at the same time the separation tank redundant compressed air through the vent valve is deflated, thus caused great waste of energy. According to the calculation, the energy consumption of the air compressor when unloading is about 20% ~ 35% of the time when the air compressor is fully loaded, and the time and space compressor is in no-load condition and is not working hard. It is obvious that under traditional control, air compressor wastes a lot of power.
2. Constant pressure air supply control mode of inverter
In order to solve the problems of traditional gas supply control methods, the constant pressure air supply control is carried out. We can control the pressure of the pipe network as the control object and change the pressure of the storage tank to the intelligent interface of the transducer through the pressure transmitter, and compare it with the pressure setting value. The frequency and speed of the motor are controlled by the frequency converter. Thus the actual pressure is always close to the set pressure. In addition, the air pressure electromechanical machine starts from the static to normal operation from the frequency converter to realize the turn startup, which avoids the mechanical shock caused by starting the shock current and starting to the air compressor.
3. Application effect
Through the inverter after transforming, air compressor stable gas supply pressure, gas supply quality improved obviously, exhaust temperature drop 5 ℃ or so, motor power factor from the original 0.6 ~ 0.7 above 0.9. The energy saving effect is obvious. With the test, the power saving rate is greater than 20%, while the air compressor is safer and more reliable, the production process is better, and the machining precision and life of the machine are further high.

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